Single Opt In Versus Double Opt In

The subject of double Opt In versus Single Opt In was raised to me many times during my internet marketing and blogging workshops as well as in forums.

So which is the best opt in to use when we are using our autoresponder to build a list?

When someone signed up at our landing page, we have an option for their email address; we can either ask them to confirm their email address before we start communicating with them or we don’t have to.

I wanted to share with you the results gathered from tests conducted by one of my buddy who is also a top internet marketing coach. The tests involved sending the same emails to those who have performed double opt in and also to those signed under single opt in – people who are not required to confirm their email addresses.

The results gathered are quite astonishing.

With single opt in,

  • you will undoubtedly get more people on your list,
  • your deliverability of subsequent emails will be lower because your emails will have a greater chance to land in the spam folder of your recipients,
  • you will get a higher complaint rate

Whereas with double opt in, although this will entail an extra step requiring people to confirm before you can communicate with them, the results are,

  • subsequent emails tend to get opened more,
  • lower complaint rate,
  • lower bounced rate

Now to give you a deeper understanding as to how these tests are done, here are his Aweber account where he had set up 2 different lists.

The first list is called cfm-landing1 and everyone in that list has double opted in.


The second list is called cfm-landing2 and on that list is a single opt in.


Over a few weeks 3 email broadcast messages were sent to each of these lists with tracking enabled.

Let’s look at the results with the single opt in for list 2,

  • an average of 15% opened rate which is fairly reasonable,
  • click through rate is around 5 to 6% which is a bit low,
  • bounce rate is slightly on the high side,
  • the complaint rate is in red which is not a good sign – this happen when someone who unsubscribed had also marked the email as spam

 Results for List 2 – Single Opt In

Now let’s move on to the other list called cfm-landing 1 where he’ve asked people to double opt in. The results are rather robust,

  • an average 27% open rate which is good,
  •  a lot more click through rate,
  • less bounced through rate,
  • nothing to worry about the complaint rate

Results for List 1 – Double Opt In


You can get more open rate with list hygiene which means deleting those people on your list who don’t open your email.

These results will tell you why you need to have the double opt in enabled when building a list albeit you may get a lesser opt in rate but the higher open and click-through rates make it worthwhile.

So thumbs up for double opt in and if you’re looking for a good and free video tutorial for list building, see it here in my blog.





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How Much Link Building Is Enough To Get Your Site Ranked High?

link building

There is no fixed number of links that is associated with any particular type of site and as long as you have a good spread of medium to high quality links, your are on your way to getting attention
from Google.

With good keyword research you don’t need many links. A good indication is to start out with 15 to 20 links and see what happens. If the results is promising do a little bit more.

Remember the efforts and time you put in should match the potential returns in terms of monetary gains from your site.

Affiliate and authority sites
In trying to build a bigger brand and authority for your site to enable it to maintain the top ranking position in search engines so as to make more money, the link building is an ongoing process here.

You need to do a certain amount of link building every week or month and balance it with a higher rate of return on investments to justify the efforts and time you put in. It’s like running a full-time business that earns you a monthly passive income from these kind of sites.

Expert sites
The link building here is also ongoing but only it is less intense. Since you have created killer contents which are hard to find elsewhere, people will naturally not only want to link to your site but would also want to suggest and share it with their friends and followers through Facebook, Google+, and other social media and book marking sites.

This kind of site is like a market place and people would naturally flock here and link to it. The very high quality content creation is the link strategy employed here.

So here I have given you a perspective of how much link building is required across the spectrum of the different sites. I hope that you will keep these principles in mind as you go through your timeline in your quest to build and manage a successful online business using these link building strategies.

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The 2 Rules To Follow For Surviving The Penguin Update

A wrong way to build links

If you build hundred of low quality links to your site within a short period say two to three weeks, it does not look natural to Google as is a clear case of someone blasting the internet with links.

You can try this out in your micro-site to see the potential results but I wouldn’t recommend you doing it on your bread and butter site as it is too much of a risk to take for a site that you have put so much time and effort to rank it up to where it is.

Rule #1 – Build a link profile that appears natural to Google

Anchor text – The blue text that makes up the link
Say someone has a phrase that says the “best dog training” – this is a link that probably point back to their site

There are several factors to consider when choosing an anchor text to link to another web location. The words that you are going to use in an anchor text link play a very important role in determining how Google reacts to your link building strategies.

Exact match link
In the past people used to put in exact match links – say you wanted to rank for the keyword “best dog training”, so you make sure the anchor text “best dog training” is out there pointing back to your site as a way to let Google knows that this is an authoritative site about the best dog training.

This works for a while until the infamous penguin update where Google starts to look at link building and decide how to identify for un-natural link practices.

If your link profile consists a majorly of un-natural links using the same anchor link text all over your site then it is considered over-optimized which will result in your site’s ranking being down-graded by Google.

Partial match and related anchor links
Partial match anchor link uses one or two of the words in your exact keyword phrase for your anchor link text.

In this example – Check out the following article to help you find the “best training for dogs” for you. Any phrase like these is considered partial match link which is not an exact match of the keyword phrase “best dog training”.

Using different partial match and related anchor links in your contents will help to project an authoritative site without being over-optimized for using the same keyword phrases all over your site.

URL and brand match anchor link
A URL match anchor link would look like this – – which clearly states the URL of the site.

A brand match link would be like this – Best Dog Training Guide – which represent your site’s brand.

Google can clearly see that it is quite obvious that these are either a brand name or your site url. These are sneaky little ways to get your site optimized but not over-doing it and a natural one to use.

Miscellaneous anchor links
This example illustrates a typical miscellaneous link - “Click here” to read this article on finding the best dog training for you.

These are not keyword at all and when people realize that those sites which are not dumped out by Google after the penguin update, actually has a fair amount of these miscellaneous anchor links.

Your site will look more natural to Google with a nice mix of these miscellaneous anchor links in the contents.

Rule # 2 – Creating a natural link

Here is a way to break down your link profile in a way that will look natural to Google.

  • The way to do it is to make sure that your link profile are spread in equal proportions among the following groups of anchor links:Exact match, partial match and related anchor links (33%). With the exact match anchor link you need to use it sparingly between 5 to 10 % at the most, to avoid being labelled over-optimized by Google. The rest is spread equally between the partial match and the related anchor links.
  • URL and brand anchor links (33%) – there are no fixed rule here and you can use both the brand and URL anchor links as you deemed appropriate.
  • Miscellaneous anchor links – some of the common miscellaneous anchor link text are click here, visit here, read more, check it out and you can also create your own miscellaneous anchor links to blend naturally into your contents.

With this composition of spread you can expect the internet to link to your site in a natural way.

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Free Cool Video Tool

I have just found a great free video tool to enhance and turn any YouTube video
into an interactive and social friendly marketing machine thus bringing many
benefits to your online business.

The tool is called Viewbix and you need to create an account with the tool provider
to start using the service.

You can use any YouTube video to start adding the apps you want to integrate into
the video, and here I’ve used one of my YouTube videos below to show you how the
added app features will show up on the video.


If you look at the above video, the following features are added:

  • a border wrapping the video in the color of your choice to enhance
    it’s look.
  • a title of the video – [example here is “What is a Name Server”] this
    can also be a “Call to Action” to anything you want.
  • a “Check it out” button – you can edit the text in this button to anything
    you want. The best part is you can include a hyperlink from this button
    to say your sales page or an affiliate product page.
  • a dialog box on the right hand side showing the apps I have added:
  • Get Viewbix,
  • Details
  • Picasa Album.

You can add social apps that keep those links in tact when shared, Google maps, local
weather forecasts, email and newsletter web forms just to name a few.

For the free version I think there are about 6 free apps for you to choose. There is a paid
version which gives you a lot more apps but the free version offering you 2 players
should suffice to play around with.

I think this a great video tool to allow your online business to get better conversions
through this powerful marketing technique.

Hope this helps.


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How To Build Links to Your Site Without Getting Banned By Google

Link Quality
Different types of link have different quality given to it in Google’s eye. Depending on the page that the links are pointing to your site, there are low, medium and high quality links and depending on the page that the links are coming from and the kind of contents that the links are filled with, Google assigns a certain value to the links.

Low quality links
Blasting a bunch of links in blog comments and forums that do no relate to your site and having no value in those comments will certainly bring low quality links to your site. Google has gone more savvy in those low quality links and can’t be easily fooled by links of such nature.

Medium quality links
These are links from articles, blogs and pages that you created with contents that are relevant to the keywords or topics in your site.

You do this by creating a nice article and put it in an article directory with a link back to your site in the signature of the article.

Another way is to create a blog with two or three pages of relevant contents and link it back to your site.

Basically you need to create more contents of great value with relevant keywords and linking back to your own site of which the contents are also relevant to the in-bound links.

High quality links
These are links from authoritative sites such as popular news outlets, universities, Wikipedia etc and normally these links come in more naturally because of the value seen in your contents. People will want to share the contents in your site with their followers through Facebook, Google+,Twitter and other social media sites.

You have put in a great deal of effort and time on creating contents of high value and the effort is worth it because of the high potential of income brought in by traffic attracted to your site if you can monetized your site well.

So a good link profile with a good mix of low, medium and high quality in-bound links to your site can quite rapidly meet some degree of success in ranking high in search engines.

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Understanding The 3 Google Criteria For High Search Ranking

I am focusing on Google as Google is the king of search engines commanding almost 70% of web traffic on searches and this where I tend to emphasize more of my techniques here.

When it comes to ranking in any search engine there are 3 criteria that the search engine are looking at in deciding who to put in the first page as well as who should rank first.

1.Relevance – Strategically using keywords on the page

Your site’s content has to be relevant to the topics – so when someone conducts a search in Google say for “best dog training”, Google will be looking at all the potential sites before deciding which sites or pages on your sites have contents that are relevant to the search term which in this case is best dog training.

It is imperative that you make your site’s content relevant to Google by strategically using keywords inserted in certain places on your web page.

a) you can use keywords such as in the title of your pages or articles but avoid over over-doing it as to make it obvious to Google.

b) Use secondary keywords to complement the flow of your contents to make it as naturally as possible.

2. Quality –  Use natural content that delivers value

In the past people tend to stuff a bunch of keywords in a paragraph which make to sense and value to the human eye: it’s more like automating contents in a way that does not hold any content value.

Now you need to have content that have a natural context with proper grammar to deliver value to its readers. The content must be good enough to attract attention and make people stay on the page and want to click on the Adsense or affiliated links.

Another important aspect of good quality content is that it can make readers want to stick around and share the contents through Facebook, Google +, Twitter and other social media sites. Apart from getting traffic to your site, Google attached great value on your content and this will enable your site to last in Google and enable it to stay on the top ranking.

So relevance and quality are 2 great points I have covered in putting a site with relevance and quality content on it.

3. Authority – Building authority through link building

The third criteria is authority and to illustrate this point, say people go to Google to search for “best dog training” and there are say half a million potential pages that are relevant to this keyword – so how does Google decides which are the top ten or twenty sites or pages that should be listed in the first and second page and in what order of ranking that is best suited to the keyword best dog training?

One secret sauce option that Google’s algorithm use to decide the most popular page is based on how many in-bound link pointed to the page. The more links the better but the quality and type of the links to your site play a major part in getting Google to make a favorable assessment of your site.

The authoritative links to your site is going to increase the chances of getting your site ranked high when Google puts this into the search engine and this is done through a process of link building.

Link building is simply the process of building strategically located traffic outposts such as pages, blogs, and articles and put them out in different places with links pointing back to our site to help it look like it’s got the authoritative page.

If you have a site with contents of great value, people will naturally want to visit it, share its contents and link to it and this would give your site an authoritative status.

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